Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hi Paul!

I just got back from having a wonderful weekend with the girls! It was so good to see Mary and Jalen again. I also got to see those two crazy boys, Spot and Luke. The kids are growing up so fast! Jalen gets more beautiful every day.

We had a weekend full of fun. My son came along with me this time. We also got to see crazy Dale. I went over to his apartment and was practically attacked by his freakin bird! Damn thing kept coming after me! So I left.

Anyway, we ate great food, and also did a little bowling. My son loves to bowl. Jalen and I watched from the sidelines as Luke, The Kid and Dale were trying to beat each other. It was so much fun!

Hope you are doing well! Shoot me an email soon so I know how YOU are doing. You don't always have to write one for the blog. Your letters are always best when it comes from the heart. That is how you should always write.

Much Love and Friendship,


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