Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4, 2010

thank you. happy independence 2 u 2. there is a correction officer shotting range a few 100 yards away so it always sounds like the 4th of july here. just a reminder of whats waiting if u try and jump that

the weather is great. its an eveyday 93-98 degrees. its not the humid thick heat that we have in the midwest. and for some reason its always very cloudy in the morning, then the sun breaks through around noon. so i take advantage of the over cast skys to get my workout in.

so u ladies really want to come to the lone-star state. i sure need a soft perfume fueled huggs. so make sure u bring a few with u.

got an e-mail from mary 2day wishing me a happy forth. she told me that u r leaving tomorrow morning. so u ladies drive safely and have a great vacation. take some pictures.

i had my one year review. the counselor told me to give them one more year of "good conduct" and they will send me to a camp. camps have more privledges, no fence, smaller population, and the one i want to go to is in yankton,south dakota. its about an hour forty minutes from omaha. visitors can bring "FOOD". so u know what to do, bring

i will send u a visitor form this week so we can already have you added to my list.

much love and friendship


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