Friday, August 13, 2010

August 10, 2010

hello, had a good day. went out this morning and walked five miles. i was soaking wet and came in to the cold cold air conditioning. bet i quickly dried off and put on a dry shirt and i felt better.

lately there has been chocolate eclairs "laying" around the kitchen. i dont know when the f.e.d. got those but they are
they have this fluffy cream inside and they go down in two bites. terrible thing to a but if i ride the stationary bike for thirty minutes and walk five miles per eclair, guess what? i can eat another

as u can imagine the talk of the town is "the fair sentencing act 2010". no one can believe that this law only benefits people charged with crack-cocaine charges on and after august 2, 2010. the name of the law speaks for it-self, "the fair sentencing act 2010". wouldnt you think that if they felt that they were being "unfair" and it took an act of congress to right this unjustice, shouldnt everybody sentenced under the old un-fair 100-1 ratio get justice not now, but right now.

i want justice and i want it


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