Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 3, 2010

im doing just fine. the same thing happened last year at about the same time. two rival mexican gangs got in to it. what makes it so bad is that this facility is a level-low. the next step from here is to a camp or to a half-way house, freedom. by the time the government sends an inmate to a level-low he or she should be concentrating on programs that get you prepared for release, parenting classes, substance abuse classes, money smart class, and a host of other classes that get you ready for release. but we have these mexican gang members that are in the country illegal, they know they face deportation upon release so they never think about changing there life, they are born in itthe gang life its all they know. what started the fights was that one gang leader told his gang that "they needed to send a message to their rivals. so thurs they had several attacks at the same time.

but yes im fine. i avoid the gang members. and they know who their enimies are.

i share a room built for one with two other men. we played dominoes and we did calistinics to pass the time.

also on thursday the government passed the FAIR SENTENCING ACT 2010. the bill waits for the president to sign it to be a law. with this bill they basically admit that they have been sentencing african american men who deal crack cocaine to ten times more time then people who deal powder cocaine when its the same drug. the racial was 100 grams of powder = 1 gram crack = manditory 5 years. they changed it to 18 to 1. so now 280 grams of crack is manditory 5 years. google the fair sentencing act 2010 and see what u can see. only thing is that for me its not retroactive. i sure could use 4-5-6 yrs back.

im writing about my relationship with my mother, will send it soon


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